Do I Need a Breast Lift?

Do I Need a Breast Lift?Pregnancy, breastfeeding, dramatic weight loss, the aging process and genetics are all factors that can cause breasts to sag and lose their youthful perkiness. Since every woman wants to look and feel her best, it is common for those concerned with drooping breasts to consider surgical correction with a procedure called breast lift. However, breast lift is not right for everyone. Here, Dr. Nirav Savalia offers helpful information about whether the breast lift procedure could help you. Continue reading “Do I Need a Breast Lift?”

Working Out after Plastic Surgery

Working Out after Plastic SurgeryFollowing plastic surgery, all patients want to know when they can return to their normal routine — including their workout routine. Working out does need to be put on hold for a short time after surgery. Here Newport plastic surgeon Dr. Nirav Savalia offers some tips on when you may be able to return to your favorite exercise routine after plastic surgery. Continue reading “Working Out after Plastic Surgery”