Did You Know? Dr. Savalia Has a Medical Spa Inside the Popular Platino Salon & Suites!

Dr. Nirav Savalia doesn’t only offer surgical and nonsurgical support for Newport men and women in his plastic surgery center. He also has a medical spa in the popular Platino Salon & Suites!

Platino Salon & Suites is located near the corner of Bristol and Birch Street in Newport Beach. Inside, you can find a number of experienced and talented hair styling professionals. Many of our cosmetic and reconstructive patients decide to further enhance their appearance after their procedure with a vibrant new hairstyle.

Aesthetic Nurse Leslie Steward

Along with a full range of med spa treatments, Dr. Savalia is proud to boast one of the most highly praised medical teams in the Newport area. One of such examples is our exceptional aesthetic curse, Leslie Steward, RN, whose patients consistently report receiving outstanding services. Leslie is a valued member of Dr. Savalia’s team, contributing her expertise to the main Newport Beach location on Fridays, as well as treating patients at our Platino Salon & Suites medical spa.

Many Platino professionals visit Leslie Stewart for their own BOTOX® Cosmetic or filler treatments. She provides the latest procedures, treatments and products designed to address facial wrinkles, frown lines, deep creases, crow’s feet and the loss of facial volume, helping Platino men and women maintain a youthful, glowing appearance. Leslie is also extremely knowledgeable about skin care and medical grade products to help ensure a fresh, healthy complexion, no matter what your chronological age may be.

Call to schedule an appointment with Leslie at our Medical Spa inside the Platino Salon & Suites at 949-759-0980, or contact our main practice today.

3 Psychological Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Whether women with breast cancer decide to pursue breast reconstruction surgery is a personal decision that should be made for the right reasons. In my practice, I encounter many women who elect for breast reconstruction for a number of reasons, with one of the primary reasons being psychological. Breast reconstruction following either a mastectomy or a lumpectomy can offer significant psychological and emotional benefits to cancer survivors, making the choice for breast reconstruction about much more than appearances.

1. Feelings of Normal and Symmetrical Breast Appearance

One of the primary benefits of breast reconstruction is that the patient can once again feel that her breast appearance is back to normal and symmetrical. After breast reconstruction, women can feel confident wearing fitted tops, bathing suits and other clothes without being self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts.

2. Visual Reassurance of Health and Wholeness after Cancer

Moving on from illness is a powerful period in anyone’s life, and in the case of breast cancer survivors, many women feel that it’s important for them to have visual confirmation of their own health and wholeness after cancer. My breast reconstruction patients don’t need to feel as if they sacrificed their bodies, their femininity or identities in the struggle against cancer.

3. Positive Feelings Over Conserving Natural Breast Tissue

In the case of a lumpectomy, my patients often feel positively about the fact that as much natural breast tissue as possible was conserved. A lumpectomy allows women to keep more of their breast tissue, assuring patients that their reconstructed breast is not artificial, but rather, a natural part of their body.

A Closer Look at New Natural Looking Breast Implants – Natrelle INSPIRA™

Recently, the FDA approved a new type of breast implant called INSPIRA™. The new implant is the most recent addition to the Natrelle® product line, which already included anatomically shaped implants, round gel implants and silicone implants. The Natrelle® line now offers 243 size options with a range of projection styles. Here is a closer look at the new Natrelle INSPIRA™ implant and how it differs from existing options.

Natrelle INSPIRA™ Qualities

The new Natrelle INSPIRA™ implant is a silicone gel, smooth round implant. The smooth round implants are the more classic implant style as compared to modern anatomically shaped implants that mimic the natural distribution of breast volume. However, the new implant differs from other round implant options with its higher fill ratio.

The Benefits of Higher Fill Ratio

Higher fill ratio means that there is slightly more silicone gel filler per unit of volume. In the case of the INSPIRA™ implants, a more highly cohesive gel filler is also used. In my experience, I’ve noticed a slight difference in feel and lower wrinkle susceptibility in implants with a higher fill ratio. The denser volume of gel filler in the implant can result in a decreased chance of rippling and longer shell longevity.

The Value of a Breast Augmentation Specialist

While implant type and brand can certainly have an impact on your end results, there is nothing more crucial to natural-looking breast augmentation results than your surgeon. I take special care to understand my patient’s needs while approaching their surgery with the accumulated knowledge that comes only from years of experience. Excellent breast implant results can be possible with a range of implants, but a highly skilled surgeon is less interchangeable.

New Lumpectomy Techniques May Offer More Benefits for Women with Breast Cancer

For women with breast cancer who wish to conserve as much of the breast as possible, a lumpectomy allows the option of maintaining breast tissue without sacrificing a focus on aggressive cancer removal. Recent developments in lumpectomy techniques may offer even more benefits for women with breast cancer as oncoplastic surgery and lumpectomies become more a more popular treatment option for breast cancer survivors. Here are four ways that new lumpectomy techniques have improved the procedure.

1. Improved Cancer Detection during Lumpectomy

An innovative radiofrequency spectroscopy technology can now detect cancer cells during a lumpectomy that are not typically visible during or after surgery. Detecting cancer cells in the outer margins of removed tissue can aid surgeons in discovering additional cancer during the procedure itself, multiplying the chances of complete cancer removal in a lumpectomy.

2. Revised and Standardized Guidelines for What Constitutes a “Total Removal” of a Tumor

Standardized guidelines for what constitutes total removal of a tumor now require surgeons to excise the tumor from the breast along with a margin of normal breast tissue to ensure complete cancer removal.

3. Oncoplastic Surgery

In my practice, I specialize in oncoplastic surgery. Oncoplastic surgery combines aggressive tumor removal with the cosmetic concerns of conserving as much of the natural breast as possible. In oncoplastic surgery, I reconstruct the breast immediately after cancer removal.

4. Extreme Oncoplasty

Extreme oncoplasty is an option for some women with breast cancer who normally would be considered better candidates for a mastectomy. In these cases, extreme oncoplasty may allow women better cosmetic options who might otherwise require full removal of the breast.

Planning BOTOX® after Your Eyelid Surgery

Men and women looking for a solution to facial signs of aging frequently prioritize the eye area. Because the eyes are essentially what all other facial features revolve around, the eye area can be an important focus for facial rejuvenation.

Signs of Aging around the Eyes

Signs of aging around the eyes are often varied. Crow’s feet are dynamic wrinkles at the edges of the eyes caused by repetitive muscle movements. On the other hand, sagging eyelid skin, puffy bags under the eyes or drooping lids that interfere with your vision are caused by a loss of collagen that weakens the underlying facial muscles.

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can help create a refreshed look in patients with drooping lids, excess eyelid skin or puffy bags under the eyes. However, one of the most common misconceptions about eyelid surgery is that the procedure can be used to treat crow’s feet. When it comes to those particular dynamic wrinkles, BOTOX® Cosmetic offers a better solution.

Planning for BOTOX® with Blepharoplasty

How soon you can use BOTOX® after eyelid surgery depends on where you intend to use it and the progress of your recovery. Because the approach I take for eyelid surgery is customized to each patient’s needs, the best way to determine how soon you can use BOTOX® after your surgery is to schedule a consultation. In some areas of the face, BOTOX® can typically be used almost immediately after eyelid surgery or in conjunction. For more sensitive areas surrounding the eyes, I sometimes recommend that patients wait a couple of months before using BOTOX®.