4 Steps to Beautiful Augmentation Results in Tuberous Breasts

Woman in BlueTuberous breasts are the result of a congenital deformity that occurs when the breast fails to develop properly during puberty. For women who feel embarrassed about a more tubular breast shape, breast augmentation can help restore a fuller, more spherical appearance to the breasts as long as the proper steps are taken.

1. Band Release

Tuberous breasts occur when a band of constrictive tissue develops at the base of the breasts, preventing them from expanding and growing into a typical mounded shape. During your breast augmentation, I can release the constrictive tissue, which will allow your breast to expand in order to accommodate the implant and create very natural looking breast augmentation results.

2. Tissue Expanders

Women with tuberous breasts usually have a limited amount of breast skin and tissue because of how the breast has formed. Patients who do not have enough tissue or skin to accommodate a breast implant initially may need to have tissue expanders placed for a period of time in order to create enough space for the implant.

3. Mastopexy

As part of the augmentation surgery, I may recommend a mastopexy (breast lift) for some patients in order to lift the breast and reshape the existing tissue. The nipple can also be sized smaller if that’s one of your personal goals for surgery.

4. Choose Gummy Bear Implants

“Gummy bear” (form stable silicone) implants are a popular choice for tuberous breast patients because their texture closely resembles the feel of real breasts, and their firmer consistency forms an excellent foundation for a wider, rounder breast shape. Taking into consideration your size and build, I can help you choose the perfect implant size to best complement your figure.